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Thank you for longing.
Thank you for staying open.
Thank you for BEING who YOU are.
In Love and Light,
bodhi heart, dream weaver

Trauma Aware REALITY

Disillusionment, Longing, and YOU

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I'm  bodhi  heart, 78, Calling for the

         POWER of ONE

In 2017, I began to create these 2 websites

unaware my effort  was creating a sanctuary

for disheartened, displaced & disabled souls.


NOW IT'S TIME  to co-create with more ANGEL HEARTS ...and replace me

IT'S TIME  to weep, honor, pray, and trust LOVE takes us ALL the WAY 

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   "ALL THE WAY whatever that means. ALL THE WAY wherever it leads.  LISTEN TO YOUR HEART.  Love will take you all the way.

    "After all is said and done, in the end, it's love that leads us on. 

    "So when the cold wind blows and the Angels roar,  and the God of Mercy is knocking at your door, and your mind says no, but your Heart says, 'Carry me away,'


SAFE Sanctuary
LOVE will take us  ALL THE WAY

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