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Trauma-aware Soul Healing  

"If I could speak to the breeze, What would she teach?
I'd ask politely for peace, Or some guidance at least

If I could speak to the sea, What would she preach?
I'd ask her what does it mean, to know the depths of belief?

"Reality was never for me. How am I to understand everything I am If I don't look beyond the thoughts I have?

Learning that it takes some time to separate the mind

"I just want to know if all that I've ever known

Is all that I was ever shown

Questioning who sees behind these eyes."

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Trauma-aware Soul Loss     SELF  DISCOVERY

"Lend your ears, lend your hands

Lend your movement, anything you can
Come to teach, come to be taught


Come in the likeness in the image of God
Cause, you can be like that
With all that humbleness, and all that respect

The more I understand about the human race

The less I comprehend about purpose and place Maybe if there was a clearer line

The curiosity would satisfy"

I cry for the creatures who get left behind But everything will change in a blink of an eye If you wish to survive , you will find a guide inside

Soul-Healing  Self Love SOUL RECOVERY

"I go back and forth every single day
The clarity it comes to me in a choppy way
As the feelings and the places and the Seasons change, galaxies remain

What is the purpose and would you believe it?

If you knew what you were for

And how you became so informed?"

Each day that I wake I give thanks, I give thanks
And the day that I don’t wake up
And transcend the holy makeup

I am on my way to a different place

And the day that I don’t wake up

I am on my way to a different place"

 Esoteric WOUND Healing 

WELCOME to Incoming Souls

4 agreements

Trauma Aware  WISDOM

Soul Trauma Healing, Four Agreements

1. Be Impeccable with Your Word Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean.

2. Don't Take Anything Personally Nothing others do is because of you. When immune won't be a victim.

3. Don't Make Assumptions. Find courage to ask questions, and express what you really want.

4. Always Do Your Best.​ Do your best and you will avoid self-judgment, self-abuse and regret.

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Trauma Aware  INQUIRY

Divine Masculine   Sacred Feminine

"How many times have we passed by each other on this lonely planet, asleep...?

But today, things may be different. Oh Beloved, wake up, wake up, wake up. Mooji


"In the sacred stillness of the early morning she whispers. She's calling wake up, wake up, remember. I feel the yearning. I begin to remember. I long for her."    GeorginaPeard

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Trauma Aware REALITY

Disillusionment, Longing, and YOU

Thank you for longing.
Thank you for staying open.
Thank you for BEING who YOU are.
In Love and Light,
bodhi heart, dream weaver
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