Healing Heart 

 Healing Heart  

Silent Yoga COMMUNITY   Safe Healing SANCTUARY   

Healing Heart is a small community of like-hearted souls, where Love reveals ways to safely heal and to be at ease with what is. 

You can come on retreat to try out this new way of living. Sabbatical retreats are less expensive since the suggested contributions are half shorter retreats. Securely nestled in tall Ponderosa pines, and nurtured by nature, Healing Heart is a 'silent yoga' community.

'Silent yoga' is living in truth, stretching beyond, and being free--being at ease with who we really are and with what already is. It's an 'awakening heart path' into self discovery and self-aware living--into trauma recovery, spiritual healing, sharing Love, and being free.

'Yoga' means 'to unite' and 'yoga community' is a gathering together to Love life. We're finally able to be free--at ease with who we are and what already is. We then live in Truth--simple, natural, and direct--in fragrant, fresh, NOW moments of abiding peace and joy.  


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Silent Yoga: Community LOVE

Soul Healing Coherence in Yoga Community

Silent Yoga is a community of angels where you discover that You are the Angel ...and You are NOT ALONE. You can now join others to discover joys of living in peace, nurtured by nature.

Silent Yoga is living in freedom, being at ease with what is. Life can shock the soul through abuse, aloneness, and anxiety. Silent Yoga is living at ease, being safely nurtured in nature. Soul trauma recovery creates new trust within one's Heart. 

Silent Yoga is soul community family--being safe and loved by like-hearted wounded souls. Its time to trust Love will find a way. Let's unite to serve the awakening dawn of Sacred Feminine.

It begins when Grace shows us ways to trust again. It's about realizing a choice-less choice and then bravely ASKING FOR HELP.  It's about letting go and letting Love show us better ways.

Life works when we're nurtured by nature and each other--in simple moments with gentle and like-hearted souls. 

yoga community

"love is finding ways"  

 SILENT YOGA  COMMUNITY:  "I dreamt some dreams, built some cabins, and NOW SEEKING HELP sharing this safe healing sanctuary" ~ bodhi heart

Silent Yoga:   Open-Hearted LOVE

Healing Soul Trauma in 'SILENCE of the HEART'

"Hello darkness, my old friend
I've come to talk with you again

Because a vision softly creeping
Left its seeds while I was sleeping

And the vision that was planted in my brain
Still remains within the sound of silence"

"And in the naked light I saw
Ten thousand people, maybe more

People talking without speaking
People hearing without listening

People writing songs that voices never share
No one dared disturb the sound of silence"

yoga community

"love is finding ways"  

yoga community

"love is finding ways"  



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yoga community

"love is finding ways"  


"When Fear Falls Away" Jan Frazier 

"It's about resting--letting your guard down"

"Don't beat yourself up... It's judging that's the problem because it indicates you're taking too seriously the life of the mind. ​Realizing your true nature has more more to do with giving in, leaning, falling.  Rather than effort, it asks for receptivity, passivity. It asks for noticing, recognition.  It's a trap door kind of thing.

"Allow your teachers, readings, retreats to bring you face to face with ego...Let your path be things that naturally arise... They carry enough teachings to fill a library full of books, a life's worth of retreats. In the end, ordinary life will be the only indispensable teacher whose lessons you cannot bypass."

"BETWEEN the love that we seek and the love that's already there"

"BETWEEN the life that we lead and the one we pray for give us balance on the path so there's no need to ask for more. BETWEEN the love that we seek and the love that's already there let this soften my soul and focus my stare

"Said that I am worth it, no matter what they say. I have purpose when I'm following my dharma ...this is where we find out how to live.

"My Love is a pallette, groovy and colorful. This Love is worthy but it's going to take some work. If you're willing and available, they're things we can learn.

"BETWEEN what comes naturally, and what you gotta work for. Beneath all that, lies the beauty that you live for. The work, the work is never done."