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NOW Inviting You   "I built some cabins and it's gone from dream, to drawing, to life, to music"   bodhi heart    

Most cabins are WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBLE - Healing Heart is SAFE REFUGE w/loving on-site SOUL HEALING support       

Healing Heart offers a sustainable low-cost forest life where being healed and helping others is Love's answer to abuse, loss, and life's traumatic helpless, hopeless moments.
The Healing Heart Tao of Life--like Truth itself--is simple, natural, and direct ...and carries an unmistakeable fragrance of freshness. In life's whirling dance of surprises, our choice is to deeply love our Self and what simply IS. Joy and peace are the gifts.
Healing Heart offers a Second Chance on a peaceful forest hilltop east of Sedona, AZ.  It's truly amazing year-around: forest lakes and stream swimming, awesome Sedona Red Rock vortex hiking, Fossil Creek hot springs, elk, white tail deer....


Heart Cave

  budget studio

Available:  WAITLIST

$800/mo* incl utilities wifi

Tiny house living with room for yoga meditation inside and out. Safe, secluded outdoor lifestyle.

Wake up to glorious Rim views, heat tea in an efficient kitchen, and relax or write on view deck. 

heart cave hermitage

  budget studio


Sky Dancer

 choice studio

Available:  NOW

$1000/mo* incl utilities wifi

Spacious studio with corner view windows, wood stove, log tables, queen bed, and kitchen oven.

Open and easy year-round living with panoramic hilltop views, log furniture, recliner, & queen bed. 

Healing Heart hilltop hemitage
Sanctuary for soul recovery
Healing Heart safe refuge
Healing Heart sanctuary cabin
Healing Heart recovery refuge

  choice studio


Sun Light

views 2-bedroom

Available:  NOW

$1400/mo* incl utilities wifi

The sunrise views are stunning on the deck or meditation rock, and through large windows.


Enjoy amazing Rim views, wood stove, queen and double beds, walk-in closet, and more.

AZ yoga community
Tiny House mountain views
Recovery nurtured by nature
Tiny House retreat community
Healing Heart forest refuge

view 2-bedroom

  falls 2-bedroom

Moon Glow

Available:  WAITLIST

$1400/mo* incl utilities wifi

Sounds of the nearby waterfalls waft over the covered porch and into the kitchen window. 


Two bedrooms, wood stove, big view windows, sloped ceilings, & kitchen with fridge and laundry.

Healing Heart safe haven
Healing Heart soul recovery
Healing Heart tiny house cabin
Soul sanctuary Tiny House
Tiny House spiritual retreats

falls 2-bedroom

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