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  Spiritual HEARTBREAK  
Soul Trauma HEALING 

Trauma-Aware HEALING -- Self aware LOVING

Spiritual awakening--awakening to Love and becoming Self-aware--is often halted by soul trauma.  When life's tragedies overwhelm our natural heart resilience, we can lose our sense of direction and balance.

Soul trauma occurs when life's big overwhelms also "shock the soul." Soul trauma can result from deep spiritual heartbreak that's experienced as a lost sense of our true self and life's precious moments.

Healing Heart soul sanctuary and yoga community now offers a chance to start a new life. It offer a gentle, calm soul trauma healing by "nurturing in nature" with like-hearted souls.  

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SAFE PRIVATE Log Hermitages  

Healing Heart

Spiritual heartbreak, Soul trauma healing


Healing Heart soul sanctuary and yoga community share a quiet hilltop with Awakening Spirit hermitage retreat center in Pine AZ. It's a 'silent yoga' family of like-hearted souls that offers safe refuge for gentle healing and quiet living, nurtured in nature.

Healing Heart  soul SANCTUARY offers natural ways to heal soul trauma: awakening heart embraces of what's happened--both horrors and blessing.
Healing Heart  trauma RECOVERY is "nurturing in nature" supported by like-hearted traumatized souls, happy to share growing heart resilience.
Healing Heart  yoga COMMUNITY--NOW OPENING--a safe hilltop sanctuary nestled in pines on edge of a quiet mountain town above Sedona Arizona. 
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"Look for That which does not come and go. An all pervading Light from a place inside" Peter Makena
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Quiet Forest Sanctuary

  feeling safe    BEING AT EASE

   PINE AZ - Nestled in pine FOREST NEAR SEDONA     
HEALING HEART sanctuary for soul recovery is a safe refuge for trauma recovery, soul healing, and awakening self awareness 

On a private hilltop in Pine AZ--a peaceful mountain town east of Sedona--a personal refuge is being created for like-hearted souls. Healing Heart sanctuary & Awakening Spirit retreat are nestled securely together to offer gentle recovery from life's overwhelms.

Awakening Spirit offers cabins for personal silent yoga retreats. Healing Heart is a safe refuge to live in nature with like-hearted souls. On-site support is available for trauma healing--from loss, abuse, spiritual heart break--and awakening self-awareness.


Tiny House Log Cabins

  FEELING ALIVE    Being free

PEACEFUL SANCTUARY - Log cabins, blue skies
New 2-bedroom and studio cabins--with private baths and kitchens--offer view windows and porches to enjoy nature

Three cabins are nestled in tall Ponderosa pines and perched on an east-facing hillside with panoramic views of forests and Rim​. The tiny house hermitages designed for comfortable living are warm, open, and simple inside; peaceful wildlife sanctuary outside.

Healing Heart cabins have wheelchair accessible entry decks and view windows to nurture serenity while in or out. The custom log cabins have sloped aspen wood ceilings, wood-burning stove, tub/shower bath, and a full kitchen with fridge, oven, and laundry. 

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